Choosing the proper size bed for a room can be a daunting task. With a few quick steps, you can figure out exactly which bed size to purchase to enhance your bedroom. The first thing you need to determine is the exact size and dimensions of the bedroom. Once this measurement is taken, the floor space should be measured.

The next thing to determine is the bedroom layout. You should consider all other furniture in your bedroom and how it will all fit into the space without looking overcrowded or empty. Consider windows and doors, and the best direction for
the bed to face.

Once these things have been determined, start deciding which bed size best fits the space. Measurements of different sized beds, including twin, full, queen, and king, should be taken to ensure the bed will fit amongst the layout and floor space. One final step is to make sure the person, or people, that will be sleeping in the bed go to pick out the mattress. When all these factors have been decided, you can shop for a new bed at places like large department stores, furniture stores, and internet retailers.

Size of the Bedroom

To determine the size of the bedroom, start by measuring the dimensions of the room both lengthwise and widthwise. Multiply these two figures together to determine the approximate square footage of the room. If the room is not rectangular, the length of each wall should be measured. The length of wall space will help you determine where to place the furniture, including a new bed, in your rooms.

It is also important to consider the other bedroom furniture that will need to fit in the room. All these measurements will be needed to configure the floor space and bedroom layout. A big bed might seem like it will fit, but once a dresser, desk, and shelves are in the room, the space disappears quickly. For example, spare guest rooms likely only need to fit a bed, so choosing the largest possible mattress size might be desirable. Meanwhile, the housing situation in a college dorm room means that you will need to leave room for a desk, dresser, and perhaps shelving units.

Floor Space
Determining the floor space of a room is an important step in figuring out the proper size bed to purchase. It can help ensure that you do not buy a bed that is either too large, taking up a lot of floor space and making the room look overcrowded, or too small, making the room look empty. Other pieces of furniture need to be measured as part of the floor space, such as nightstands and dressers.

A leather upholstered wooden bed frame will take up much more space in a bedroom than a slim, modern platform bed, for example. This is why a simple white wood frame or an elegant brass frame is often preferable for a smaller room, while a larger bed with posts is well suited for a large bedroom. When armed with measurements for all items in the bedroom, you will be able to move on to the bedroom layout step.

Bedroom Layout
Once you have the measurements for each wall and all the other furnishings, you are ready to move on to the layout of the room. You should should start with a piece of graph paper and draw the outline of the room, making sure to mark the length of the walls and any windows, doors, and closets in the room.


Bed Sizes and Uses
Knowing the bed sizes, and how each one is best used, can help guide you to finding the perfect bed for your room. The main sizes of bed are twin, full/double, queen, and king. While most people think “bigger is better” when it comes to their bed, this is not the case. A bed should be chosen based on the size of the room and how to make the bed an appropriately sized focal point.

Twin Sized Beds
A twin sized bed is perfect for a single person with a small room. An adult or child can fit comfortably in this bed. Twin sized beds are popular due to the comfort of the different styles of mattress, as well as its cost efficiency. Of all bed sizes, the twin is the least expensive.

Full/Double Sized Bed
The full sized bed, commonly referred to as a double bed, is popular amongst couples and singles alike. While these beds provide enough space for a couple to share a bed, it is also the right size for a single person that simply likes more sleeping space than a twin bed has to offer. These beds come in a variety of mattress types, as well as furniture styles.

Queen Sized Bed
The queen sized bed is another popular choice for couples and singles. Thanks to its width and length being slightly larger than the full/double bed, this is a more sought after size for couples. The queen bed provides enough sleeping space for each person, as well as some space in between the two for couples to be comfortable. Singles with a larger bedroom also love the queen bed.



  1. I’d go with a King bed, every time. I know the article says you shouldn’t do it if you have a small bedroom. I think it depends. If you are renting, don’t buy a bed based on a temporary space. A bed is an investment that you’ll have for years. The next apartment you find might have a huge bedroom and you’ll be upset if you spent a few thousand dollars on a nice Queen, when you really wanted the King.

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